HKR EVO2 Configuartor

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Engine Upgrades

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Wheel Upgrades

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For all upgrades applies that these parts are installed instead of the standard parts.

Twin fully floating brake discs for the front wheel from Moto Master. The disc diameter is 290mm and the thickness is 5mm.
Customized Frame colour from the "RAL" colour range (powder coated)
Filler + painting. Customized colour from the "RAL" colour range.
GP racing chain from AFAM - low friction, long lifecycle and high quality.
The complete fairing is produced from carbon-kevlar fabric and the finishing is white gel coat. The weight saving is 1,7kg.


These are parts that are not installed in the basic model.

Mounting points for are already implemented in the stock front folder. This GPS lap timer allowes a data analysis on a PC (Software is includet).
Due the design of the crash pad, we can guarantee a maximum protection without the risk to damage the frame with the crash pad. It is designed the absorbe the energie by deforming the sheet metal plate.
Protecting the fork in case of a crash. No need to disassamble while changing the front wheel + guide for the front stand for easy engagement.
Is mentatory for "FIM" races. It reduces the movement of the fuel while riding and also decelerate the fuel in case of a crash and broken fuel tank.


Cost-neutral options




These prices are valid for countries of the European Union. For price requests from other countries, please request an individual quotation at

The "HKR EVO2S" model ist the perfekt entry level bike for Hobby- and Amateur racers. This motorcycle configurator enables everyone to create his own individual bike specification.

Payment: 50% deposit with order and 50% remittance on vehicle transfer (please select the "pre-transfer" when selecting the payment method.